Senorarita was born when two friends with similar goals felt an urge to find a possible solution of existing problems in online health and beauty platforms in Bangladesh. From the passion of becoming entrepreneurs through serving people with integrity, the founders of Senorarita have enriched the online shopping platform with original branded health and beauty products which are collected through some internationally renowned vendors around the world.


Dewan Ashif Reza, Co-Founder, Senorarita

Dewan Ashif Reza, Co-Founder, Senorarita

“Being a business graduate, always wanted to go for a startup, where I can add value with the originality and integrity in every manner. But, doing it alone was a bit difficult for me. While doing MBA, me and one of my best friends, Tawfiq Fayed, was planning to do something together as we are having similar kind of mind set and objectives in life. But we couldn’t make that happen at that time along with the study. After completion of our studies, we gathered some experience in different sectors and now more confident to give it a chance again. We always want to work on some products which have universal requirements. After researching a bit, we found health, beauty and skin care is kind of a segment where we can add value and make people happier & confident in life.”


Tawfiq Fayed, Co-Founder, Senorarita Bangladesh

Tawfiq Fayed, Co-Founder, Senorarita

“My education contributed a lot in inspiring me to become an entrepreneur. For eight long years, I invested my time and knowledge in different places in hope of establishing a successful business. And, most of these years, I spent in overseas; which gave me a very different exposure about people’s life, habit and trend of business. But, somehow something was missing which resulted in with an unsuccessful venture. And, then it happened. Back home spending a long time in overseas, I finally got the chance to start over and implement my ideas fully when I reunited with my bosom friend Ashif Reza. When it’s about business, we have few basic things in common – integrity, originality and professionalism. We agreed to work on building an online platform for health and beauty products, where we still remain a lot to contribute towards making a community of people with healthier and happier life. Therefore, at Senorarita, we only sell original branded health & beauty products, which we collect through renowned and trusted group of vendors around the world.”